May 2010

Revolution on a Plate

At several points in “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” it seemed the acclaimed British chef faced a challenge bigger than he could overcome. The man whose “Naked Chef” show made him a Food Network star and who had worked to reshape food policy in England had come up against a seemingly impossible client—school children in Huntington, Va.

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2006 Lesson Archives

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"Real Life Secret Santa's Compassion and Generosity in Action", December 2006

"Amish School Shootings: Forgiveness Transcends Violence", November 2006

"College Students Help to Stop Genocide in Darfur", October 2006

"5 Year Anniversary of 9/11: Perspectives on the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11", September 2006

"Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day: Opportunities to Remember and Honor those Who Protect Our Nation," May 2006

"Immigration: Balancing the Rule of Law and Respect for Others," April 2006

"Mohammad Cartoons: Examining Respect for Others and Freedom of Speech," March 2006

"Athletes in Superbowl and Winter Olympics Win with Virtues," February 2006

"Bono Rocks the Worlds of Music and Charity," January 2006

"Sow a Thought, and you reap an Act;

"Sow an Act, and you reap a Habit;

"Sow a Habit, and you reap a Character;

"Sow a Character, and you reap a Destiny."

- Charles Reade

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